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Log siding

log siding gives homes and buildings a unique log look and structure which makes home attractive and beautiful in a different and more natural way.log siding is affordable and last quite for a long time when under occasional maintenance procedures.log siding invoke warm feelings in houses, they are constructed from wood or composite materials.log siding are mostly done in vacation homes. A ll customers who are considering using log siding for new construction projects, or home remodeling can ask for help from Log Siding Guys on 888-478-9776.


Log siding pricing

Log Siding Guys has a log siding pricing guide which is used in guiding customers sort through choices around residential siding for homes and other buildings. Detailed information on the leading types of log sidings is given and also we give information about the installation and costs of purchasing log sidings and the installation process.


Log siding accessories

Some of the log siding accessories we at Log Siding Guys deal with in are; 8’’ Pine Vertical Outside Corner which is used on outside mounting and gas faces engineered on each side to accept log siding with a clean butt joint, 3 by 4 pine D Trim used in trimming windows and doors when using quarter log siding, Pine Quarter Log Inside Corner and Pine Half Log Inside Corner.

Customers can contact us on 888-478-9776 for inquiries and information on log sidings.

Log Siding

log siding can either be natural or artificial, natural log siding is made from trees while the artificial one is made from vinyl. Natural log siding is much expensive than the artificial and people with less money usually go for the artificial log siding. Natural siding comes from cedar and pine whereas vinyl log siding are made using polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

We at Log Siding Guys offer both artificial and natural log siding to our customers.we also advise the clients on all the right procedures when it comes to installation of log sidings in their houses.log siding installation requires a permit from the local authorities, this mainly done to prevent illegal tree logging in natural forests which devastating effects on the weather and climate.log siding also needs information from the installation authorities, we atLog Siding Guys offer this services to our customers at no extra charge if they have purchased the log sidings from us. Area where a customer lives also is put into consideration when installing the log sidings.

Natural log siding has a simple installation process and works well on most surfaces. Due to ease of installation natural log siding requires minimal workforce and reduces the total cost of installation. With proper maintenance procedures natural logging last up to 27 years.

Natural log siding is available in different patterns and textures depending on the choice of wood. The different patterns available are rounded log sidings and flat ones and they are done in different finishes.it is fixed either vertically or horizontally to make it more suitable for any architectural style. Natural log siding are beneficial in that they bring down heating and cooling costs during the respective seasons.

Artificial log sidings are not expensive and are craft able into different styles and patterns depending on the customer needs. Artificial log sidings can also be painted into different colors to match the colors of the house. Artificial log sidings are also not attacked by pests and insects since they are not made of organic materials, they are also easy to maintain.

With all the above factors and advantages both natural and artificial log sidings can be used to suit all our customer needs for log siding. Customers can contact us on 888-478-9776 for inquiries and information on log sidings.

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