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About us

We at Log Siding Guys ensure that we are the market leaders when it comes to log siding products. We always provide log siding of different sizes, designs, both natural and artificial at the best and competitive prices. We never compromise on quality and uniqueness and we are always on the watch for new designs and patterns in log siding and ensure we are the first to bring them to our customers.


Log Siding Guys is always committed and puts a lot of money to ensure the environment is kept clean and maintained even with the use of trees for the natural log siding. We always deal in log sidings that have permits from the local authorities to ensure we don’t deal in illegal log sidings which put us on the wrong side of the law. We ensure that our products are environmental friendly and that there is always a serene natural look in houses that have our log sidings.

We are also committed to innovation and emerging technology in log siding. Log Siding Guys has put in a lot of funds in research and innovation in improvement and curving out new log siding designs which are more competitive and attractive to our clients. Log Siding Guys also ensures that the products we produce are of excellent quality and they match the customers’ specifications.

Safe working conditions and products.

Log Siding Guys ensures that the products we offer to our customers have no health hazards and they are installed using quality accessories. We always ensure that we have first aid kits at work and on sites and we have accident allowances for our customers. Our log siding products also use preservatives and finishes which will not affect the inhabitants of the house in which they have been fitted.


Log Siding Guys holds itself accountable for all the activities that go on when on site or at the factory. We ensure that the customer specifications and preferences are met when curving out the designs of the log sidings and always ensure that the log sidings are delivered to customers in perfect state. We always replace the log sidings which get damaged when transporting them to the customer’s premises...


We at Log Siding Guys ensure we offer all different varieties and types of log sidings available in the market. This diversification enables us to get to satisfy all our customer needs and give them a wide range to choose from. We offer all natural and artificial log siding and always ensure they are of the best quality.

Empowerment and Customer Expectations

Log Siding Guys encourages empowerment by sponsoring and awarding the most hardworking and innovative employees. Some of the staff are focused and passionate about their jobs and we always recognize this and offer them finances to further their education and skills in their areas of specialization.

We also put a lot of investment in customer satisfaction and retention which is core in our success in the log siding business.

Customers can always get in touch with us on 888-478-9776 and you will get the best customer service to give advice and quotations for projects that would need our services.

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