Log Siding in Spring Grove, PA


Advantages of log siding

Customers in Spring Grove, PA mainly prefer the use of Log Sidings due to their affordability and quality. Our Log Sidings come directly from the manufacturers so will able to offer them to our customers at lower prices and still make profit to run the business.Log Sidings are also of lesser wait that other materials such as concrete and stone which are used to make walls in homes. Log Sidings are also easier to work with and they can fit in different architectural design and patterns since they can be made according to the different house architectural designs.


More advantages

Log Sidings are also used as the best insulating materials for most homes which reduce costs of maintaining the right temperatures for the houses. They ensure that the right amount of cold or warmth gets into the house depending on the prevailing weather.Log Siding give homes a unique natural look which gives houses a unique and attractive look suitable for inhabitance.



We at Log Siding Guys in Spring Grove, PA are flexible in the Log Siding products, designs and patterns that we avail to our customers. We offer wide range of patterns and also make patterns according to a customer’s specifications.Log Sidings can be used both for interior and exterior siding which always bring out unique house ambience. Whether the customer is using full Log Sidings to other patterns applicable in Log Siding it is always important to put into consideration the finishing of the Log Sidings, some Log Sidings have smooth while others have rough finishing.

Customers can contact us on 888-478-9776 for inquiries and information on log sidings.

Log Siding in Spring Grove, PA

Business offering Log Sidings in Spring Grove, PA at the best rates and quality ever.

Log Sidings can last for many years if proper care and maintenance is done on them, we at Log Siding Guys in Spring Grove, PA offer different products which are used in Log Siding care and maintenance. These product always ensure that enhances the natural appearance of the logs and color retention.

Cetol Log Siding finish is a high performance satin finish which comes in different colors for exterior wood surfaces. This product creates a durable surface barrier to prevent weathering, it also allows for natural characteristics of Log Sidings to show and finally minimizes cracking of the Log Sidings.

Cetol 1 RE is also a premium product used in the care of Log Sidings, it is a superior oil alkyd formulation and offers excellent penetration and adhesion to vertical Log Sidings, it best known for improved clarity and color retention, it ensures that no other product is applied is used for maintenance since it lasts for long in its preservative function. This product also minimizes the occurrence of peeling and blistering.

Cotel SRD is also another product offered at Log Siding Guys for the preservation and maintenance of Log Sidings quality and look.it is easy to use, water repellant and can be used on multiple urfaces.it offers protection from moisture and UV damage and is suitable for all types of Log Sidings without discrimination.

Log Siding Guys is open on weekdays and Saturdays and we are always eager to see new Log Siding customers. We have well trained staff to take our customers through our different products and services.those who are not able to get to our showroom can always reach us on 888-478-9776 for all information about Log Sidings.

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